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We are a local team of tree surgeons covering the Macclesfield region and the surrounding areas. we are a tree surgeon Macclesfield can confidently rely on for all aspects of tree care.

North Cheshire forestry Services provide professional tree services to domestic as well as commercial customers.

Our main focus is to satisfy our clients and provide high Quality services so that you will not only refer us to other friends and fellows in the Macclesfield area, but also rely on our services for all of your own tree-cutting needs.



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Why our clients choose North Cheshire Forestry Services

  1. Trusted experts
    With 40 years of experience in the business, we know what we’re doing. We’re also members of the Association of Professional Foresters as well as other recognised trade bodies to maintain the best quality approach and to continue to evolve and adapt our techniques as the industry develops.
  2. A quality-led business
    We constantly invest in our people, our processes and our tools, so that we can offer the safest and most trustworthy service to our clients. Our reputation for quality is proven and we work exceptionally hard to maintain it.
  3. A full end-to-end Macclesfield tree surgery service
    We offer every type of tree surgery service to clients in Macclesfield and across Cheshire. No matter how big or small your job is, we’re here to get it done to the highest quality standards.
  4. Excellent customer care
    We take care of our clients at every stage – arriving in uniform, with ID and in branded vans so you always know you’re dealing with North Cheshire Forestry Services. We clean up after our work, are respectful and helpful and always make sure our clients are happy before we complete a job.
  5. Environmental care
    As an environmentally conscious tree surgeon in Macclesfield, we work to strict environmental standards that protect wildlife and the environment. For example, we will never disturb nesting birds and we always work hard to recycle waste wood back into the ecosystem via allotments and farms. Environmental preservation is a huge part of what we do, and our services allow vital trees to remain healthy and happy for years to come.
  6. Free estimates – without pressure
    Naturally, we offer free estimates without any pressure. We’ll visit your premises to assess your job, offer advice and give you a written quotation to consider at leisure. When you’re ready to book your job, we’ll work around your schedule and complete it as soon as possible.


Our Macclesfield Tree Surgery Services

You may know which tree surgery services you need, or you may be looking for guidance. No problem! Either way, we can help you. These are the main tree surgery services we offer across Macclesfield and Cheshire.

Macclesfield tree felling and tree removal

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When trees get old, or suffer the effects of a storm, we often get callouts about broken branches or toppled trees. Sometimes our customers notice that there’s ash dieback on their property, or notice that an older tree is causing structural instability to property foundations or drainage systems. Sometimes a tree simply grows too big for its surroundings!

Whatever the cause of concern, our Macclesfield tree surgeons are there to help. We’ll assess the issue, offer professional advice and deliver the necessary tree removal or felling services if you wish us to proceed. Naturally, we take care of everything to the highest standards and clear up after our work too.

Tree removal or felling is a highly skilled and potentially dangerous job, so it’s vital not to try it yourself. Call in the experts at North Cheshire Forestry Services and we’ll take care of it for you.

2. Tree Surgeon Macclesfield Stump Grinding
Old tree stumps don’t look good! They can be eyesores in your garden, make it hard to lay new turf and get in the way of any new trees. Sometimes they can also harbour basal tree infections such as honey fungus too – leading to wider problems. Whether the issue is access or aesthetics, we have the tools and techniques needed to grind any tree stumps on your property and leave it looking like new.

3. Crown lifting and thinning in Macclesfield
Crown lifting is where the lower branches of a tree are removed, or ‘lifted’ to improve access, remove any tree sections that are growing onto buildings or simply improve the view. We’ll lift and thin the crown of your trees so that they look great and are healthy.

4. Deadwooding in Macclesfield
If there’s a broken or dead branch hanging from your tree, it’s definitely time to call in a tree surgeon. Trees need to be regularly pruned to keep them stable, lessen wind resistance and keep them looking good. Our Macclesfield tree surgery professionals will look at your tree and recommend the best approach to restore its natural shape, optimal health and best situation in your garden. A healthy well-shaped tree will be an asset to your garden whilst protecting you and your property.

5. Macclesfield hedge services
Nothing looks better in the garden than a well-tended hedge, but it can be difficult to create a professional job without the right tools and access. Don’t worry! Our team are here to get the job done. We’ll create the perfect shape for your hedge so that your garden looks its best – and naturally, we clean everything away afterwards too. Get another job off your list and let us do it for you!

6. Tree planting in Macclesfield
Sometimes our customers are looking for advice and guidance on planting new trees in their garden, and this is the perfect time to call in North Cheshire Forestry Services too. Our Macclesfield tree surgeons can give you expert advice on choosing the best species for your garden (particularly native species), and plant them in the best spot so that they thrive and support the local ecosystem. Once they’re in place, we can also offer maintenance services such as trimming, fertilising and pruning so that they grow healthy, strong and beautiful.


Discover the North Cheshire Forestry Services a  tree surgeon in Macclesfield with a Difference

We work for a large range of domestic, business and public clients across Macclesfield, leaving gardens and open green spaces looking their absolute best. Whatever type of job you need, you’re in safe hands with North Cheshire Forestry Services; the experts in Cheshire tree surgery.

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